I’m having fun making party decorations for my friend. What do you think? It’s parrot themed.

Very hungry caterpillars

It’s a thing here to plant milkweed to help the Monarch Butterflies. I planted 3 plants and I thought they weren’t looking too good. But a closer look and I see these fat Monarch caterpillars! I counted 10 big ones and 6 little ones. I hope they all make it to become butterflies <3 Bonus purple sunset!


So, I’m finally getting my elbow fixed tomorrow. I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous. But I am so glad to finally get it done! I’ve basically been coping all summer with one arm. I think I’ll be back at square one pain-wise but at least I’ll be back on the right track. Finally.

ta da

They’re not very pretty but it’s my 1st batch and I feel like they are my babies 🙂 I had to cancel taking the class again as I fractured my elbow a few weeks ago. But I’m looking forward to trying again in the fall.


Omg, there’s another half aisle of Tide around the corner. I’ll never get out of target.

Class has ended

I have all my things glazed but they still need to be fired. I hope the teacher fires these up soon and lets us know when to pick them up. I have no idea what they’ll look like. I must have at least a dozen little bowls and all should be a different color. I can’t wait!