It’s been a long couple of weeks. We are getting work done in the house this summer and I’m the one who gets to stay home to keep the cat and dogs sane and plus the doors are wide open with a bunch of strangers inside. I sit on the patio and I’m bored. Here’s what we’ve done, bamboo floors in 4 rooms, new baseboards and the stairway is now being restyled and stained. This has been a disaster and after a few major fixes it looked good again, until the stain job.  Fired, rehired, the crew actually fixed that too.  So what’s left is some cupboard doors, stair and upstairs carpeting , touch up paint and more baseboards.

Meanwhile I sit on the patio trying to make the animals behave. It has been hot, cold, super windy and it even rained, It never rains here. Today we had bats. I tried to get a movie of one as it ran away from me on it’s elbows. I don’t know where it came from but I put a fence around it to keep the dogs and cat away. Here is it’s picture of it napping in the sun. It might be dead.  But it’s not, it has already crawled back into a stack of wood.