My Fitbit

I have been wearing a Fit bit since July and I’m really enjoying it.  I wear the simplest one that counts your steps, calories burned and flights of stairs. It can do more like tell how much sleep you’re getting and you can record your calorie intake if you want.

When it was new I had it record my sleep.  But I don’t sleep well and it wouldn’t stop telling me that. I’d get emails telling how to get more sleep and what can happen if I don’t. It was getting so bossy. I can’t imagine what it would say if I recorded my diet. So I reset it and now we get along much better.

Surprisingly I walk 10,000 steps almost everyday just doing what I already do, Yay!  And today I got my ‘747 Badge’ that means I’ve climbed 4000 flights of stairs (the altitude that a 747 flies.. I guess). It’s kinda fun.


They promised us rain :(

The news says it’s raining (?) We are supposed to be going through El Nino (ha!) I’ve got our rain catching buckets set up. Everything is so dirty, dusty and crunchy brown. Please oh please rain today!

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