dying eggs

I made dyes with the flowers from my yard.  I’m still not sure it’ll work, I may have to keep the eggs in there over night.  I tried to make green with grass and hibiscus leaves but it didn’t work and it smelled pretty awful.WP_20150330_17_27_56_Pro

March 21

It’s National Quilt Day and that’s one of my hobbies!  I’ll gather some pictures and post them later.  I just wanted you all to know early so you could celebrate the day too!

Mmmm Orange Blossoms

I love orange blossoms! The 1st time I ever smelled them was on spring break in Tempe, AZ. The scent brings back so many memories.  They usually start blooming here in January.  And I love January because the hectic holidays are over and the days are way more relaxing (for moms)  I used to take long walks with the dog late in the afternoon and smell the blossoms from the lemon and orange trees in the neighborhood.  That was kind of my “reward” for getting through everything and staying sane.

We had a lemon and tangerine trees in our yard too, so that scent was always wafting through the house.

We don’t have any citrus trees at the new house so I forgot about orange blossoms.  But today my neighbor’s tree is doing it’s thing and it smells wonderful! I love it!

On a Lithuanian food diet

Well now I’ve done it.  I’ve gone and lived long enough to hit “that age” where it’s always going to be something when you go to the doctor.  I’ve been working on my blood pressure for a few months and am on medicine but making good progress towards getting off it.  But in doing so I got my cholesterol sky high!  Now I have 3 months to lower that.  I am so bummed.  I already cut out caffeine,  alcohol, soda, fast food, red meat and almost all meat.  I drink lots of water, use apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing, eat oatmeal, chia seeds and a lot of fruit.  My only vice is a sweet tooth.  And the last month or 2 there have been a lot of goodies around, especially Lithuanian goodies.

Cakes, cookies, chocolates all made with whole milk and extra fatty real butter. Even if I only had a few it sure made a difference!  The beginning of the year also has a lot of Lith. festivals and holidays. All the food is very rich. They use butter, bacon and sour cream in most of the food. I usually just have the soup but it is also made of whole buttermilk (which I just love!)

So as I sat in the doctor’s office wondering what I was doing wrong… I totally forgot about my weekends at the Lithuanian church dinners and my own special occasion cooking… and I swore to her I was being so good.  I now realize what a liar I am.

I have 3 months to get back on track. I’m sure I can do it, at least I know what to cut out. My bp is already much better, I lost some weight, no more migraines.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

PS,  I hate when people go on and on about their health issues (esp if it’s little things like this)  so I promise I won’t.  Just this once.