Changing this up

I’m not much of a blogger so I think I’m going to use this site a little differently. My life’s not super exciting but I see a lot of pretty, interesting, silly and colorful things around here and I enjoy taking pictures. So that’s what I’m going to share. Every few days I’ll post my favorite picture.

We don’t run from the rain here. We soak it up 🙂

Aren’t the new stamps pretty?

Lisa ‘rescued’ a baby bat. Actually if you ever find a baby bat on the ground you should leave it alone. Mommy bat is nearby and will land near the baby, it will crawl onto mom and mommy bat will fly her baby to safety. Really! After Lisa googled what to do, she put it back and watched the bats do exactly that.  PS,  Just now I realized that that was the important paper I was looking for last week. Shoot!

a vegetable rainbow

I have been getting pretty creative making dinner lately. Tonight was “clean out the fridge stir-fry”. It came out pretty good and was colorful to boot! I had to take a picture 🙂


May already

We had a 4.5 earthquake at 4:50 this morning. I didn’t feel it even tho that’s pretty strong.  But the dogs both barked so I’m sure it woke them.

It has been a crazy month or 2. Lisa got married (eloped), we’ve had lots of company, quick trip to Arizona, some kind of event almost every weekend and I had a quiet birthday. To even things out my mom has been in the hospital for almost a month recovering from a surgery and I’ve been sick for weeks. Probably caught something from the hospital 😛

So there’s lots going on even tho I don’t write much.  Things are not going to slow down for a while so maybe it was good I slept so soundly.  There’s a wedding reception to plan!


Our biggest storm of the year is just starting. There are evacuation warnings in all the old burn areas north of us. We, however, are in good shape. The rain is actually a soft, warm and very welcomed thing for us. It reminds me of summer afternoon rains in New England. Everything smells clean and fresh. Our water-saving landscaped front yard is loving it and blooming beautifully.