I LA LA Loved LA LA Land! I don’t get to go to the movies very often so I’m am glad I got to see this movie at the theater! The opening scene was so impressive and FUN! They actually closed part of the 110  near LAX for 3 days to film it! Unreal! Go see it!

Election day

I voted and I feel good about it and that’s the best I can do. Politics is a dirty game, but you have to vote. It’s the least you can do for your country.  I’m glad this day has come and the fight is almost over. What’s left to do? Pray!

Good bye front lawn

We have given up on our big grassy front lawn and tomorrow  it is being ripped out.  Some of our neighbors have also taken out their grass and replaced it with rocks and other ground cover. I don’t know… I have mixed feelings, but the guys who is “designing” it is supposed to be pretty creative. So good bye front lawn. 20160821_12090220160821_120923


I was just thinking how lucky we were because I have not seen any rattlesnakes this summer. Then yesterday we had our trees trimmed and down fell 1/2 of a dead rattlesnake from one of the tallest palm trees. We figure an owl or hawk caught the snake and ate the other half ( the head!)  up in the tree! Nature is crazy!

All Is Well

Well, the party went well. The lemon and vinegar concoction worked, the power outage happened but we were prepared. The freeway closure was ok too. Everyone knew about it and figured out how to get around it. We even had an algae bloom (tap water has been nasty) but we have plenty of bottled water.  It was so nice that we all could get together and catch up. The nice thing about a family reunion is that everyone is family!  Everyone wants to help and no one expects perfection. It was a lot of fun! I hope we can do it again some time  🙂

Some other news to announce…. Jason, Erin and Sarah are expecting again!  Sarah is going to get a little sister in January!!! We are so thrilled!