it’s so hot

So you know when it’s so hot you can’t sleep? Or maybe the hot flashes are ganging up on you and you can’t find a cool spot on your pillow. Last night I had one of those nights. I quietly tip toed to the bathroom for a cool shower. After a lovely few minutes I reach for the shampoo but something didn’t seem right. There was something black moving around in my yellow eggy colored  shampoo, the lid was closed, tight! I almost fainted! I jumped out of the shower and needed to tell some one but no one was awake. So I bravely went back grabbed the bottle and ran outside to the deck. I wanted it to get out so i smashed the flip top open and ran away as fast as I could. (Thank God it was dark out and we don’t have neighbors in back) This morning it was gone. I don’t know if it was a lizard, a big spider or some very big leggy bug looking for relief from the heat but it had crawled out and gone home.  I thought I was getting used to living closer to nature but I guess I still have a lot to learn. Now the funny thing is my husband said he heard some of what went on but pretended to stay asleep only to have some creepy nightmares of bugs in the bathroom waiting to get him. Ha!

Thank you Jason!

This is for you, a picture from the SD car show a couple of weeks ago. I like the reflection of the palm trees on the blue roof.

Happy Father’s Day!

I painted you a picture in a sip and paint class.  It’s called crows in a wheat field. That’s actually only 1/2 the picture, the other 1/2  was obviously painted by some drunk lady… I don’t remember who…

noises update

We have baby foxes!  There is a little den with baby foxes behind our house. I am guessing last night mommy fox left the den to find something to eat and we heard the babies crying.  I was expecting to find bloody carnage this morning but thank goodness all is well. It will be fun to watch the pups grow!


It’s late here and some kind of animal is screaming and possibly dying in the back yard. The dogs are going nuts!