Good bye front lawn

We have given up on our big grassy front lawn and tomorrow  it is being ripped out.  Some of our neighbors have also taken out their grass and replaced it with rocks and other ground cover. I don’t know… I have mixed feelings, but the guys who is “designing” it is supposed to be pretty creative. So good bye front lawn. 20160821_12090220160821_120923


I was just thinking how lucky we were because I have not seen any rattlesnakes this summer. Then yesterday we had our trees trimmed and down fell 1/2 of a dead rattlesnake from one of the tallest palm trees. We figure an owl or hawk caught the snake and ate the other half ( the head!)  up in the tree! Nature is crazy!

All Is Well

Well, the party went well. The lemon and vinegar concoction worked, the power outage happened but we were prepared. The freeway closure was ok too. Everyone knew about it and figured out how to get around it. We even had an algae bloom (tap water has been nasty) but we have plenty of bottled water.  It was so nice that we all could get together and catch up. The nice thing about a family reunion is that everyone is family!  Everyone wants to help and no one expects perfection. It was a lot of fun! I hope we can do it again some time  🙂

Some other news to announce…. Jason, Erin and Sarah are expecting again!  Sarah is going to get a little sister in January!!! We are so thrilled!


It’s been a while

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything I almost forgot how! It has been a busy couple of months here. I’ve had a lot of unexpected company, mostly long lost cousins, all good and a lot of fun. And this weekend we are having a big family reunion/anniversary/birthday and graduation party at the house. I have been getting ready for weeks and now I am being hit by my own personal 7 plagues 🙁    The house suddenly became infested with bugs, then flies and now ants (twice). I I just spread lemon juice and vinegar all over my kitchen floor because I ran out of bug spray and that’s what Google said would get rid of ants. Also the freeway is going to shut down for repairs the whole weekend AND I just found out there’s a scheduled 12 hour black out this weekend too! So that’s only 5, I guess it’s not that bad or will it get worse…

But it’s all ok. It’ll be nice to see everyone. There are a couple of new babies I haven’t met yet. And I am especially excited to see little Sarah! She has been skyping me lately and now calls me Ge-ma! I miss that little girl so much!


Checking in

I have been so restless lately.  It’s time to take a road trip and get out of town! I miss little Sarah in Arizona and I miss the beaches up north. Lindsey’s been traveling, she is in Europe now and will be going back to Colorado in a couple of weeks. Mark is sick and tired of traveling for work.  Sigh.

It’s actually very beautiful here right now. The rain makes everything fresh and green and the flowers are blooming everywhere.  I’ve been hiking a lot with my dogs, getting my 10,000+ steps a day. Here are some pics.20160313_163326


It’s is hard to see but there are layers of flowers. Purple heather, yellow mustard, blooming cactus. 20160406_153401(0)