Our biggest storm of the year is just starting. There are evacuation warnings in all the old burn areas north of us. We, however, are in good shape. The rain is actually a soft, warm and very welcomed thing for us. It reminds me of summer afternoon rains in New England. Everything smells clean and fresh. Our water-saving landscaped front yard is loving it and blooming beautifully.

Wild Parrots

We have wild parrots here. They go around in huge flocks and are incredibly loud. Today I happened upon a tree full and took this awful picture.  They were all eating seeds off the tree, it sounded like the tree was rattling and cracking. Local legend says that a pet store in Pasadena burned down in the 60’s and a few parrots escaped.  Our climate is perfect for these birds and they not only survived but they flourished. We now have thousands of wild, really loud, very pretty parrots almost in every town around here. The 2nd picture is not mine but it’s a nice one that shows what they look like. 

Thank you Jason!

This is for you, a picture from the SD car show a couple of weeks ago. I like the reflection of the palm trees on the blue roof.